Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunter Rain Boots for VOGUE's Fall Fashion Issue September 2013

Can I predict a trend or what? After I saw a few ads for Hunter boots in the British fashion mags this summer, I just knew the trend was going to hit the US just in time for fall. After seeing them on Nina Dobrev for the Cosmo September issue and now Jennifer Lawrence for the big VOGUE fall fashion issue, I'm 100% certain that tall glossie Hunter Boots are the #1 It-Boots for fall 2013. Some of the best deals on women's Hunter boots are currently at 6pm.com, especially in the bright colors. Although for the original original Welly Hunter boots in blackseen on Jennifer Lawrence, you can find those on Amazon.

Style Guide: How to Wear Hunter Boots this Fall

Image by Mario Testino for VOGUE September 2013. See vogue.com for the rest of Jennifer's cover shoot and interview.

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