Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Label Luv: The Mojito Wave Heel by Julian Hakes

The Mojito Heels look more like a piece of modern sculpture. Created by London-based architect Julian Hakes, these heels are truly a product of design meets fashion. Hakes spent years designing the concept, so rest assured these heels were made for walking. After creating the finished product, the designer was reminded of the shape of a lime twist, hence the name Mojito.

Click here to read more about Julian's story behind the design.

 The Mojito Heel on the Runway at London Fashion Week

New Colors in 2013

Coming Soon in Prints!

The Man Behind the Mojito

Julian's design has been featured by fashion publications like Elle and Vogue and have been worn by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow. The mojito heel currently comes in over 20 different color combos (prints coming soon). Most are available at for 139 pounds. Click here to view the collection.

Images via Julian Hakes official page and Julian Hakes on Facebook.

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