Friday, November 22, 2013

Jewel Luv: Top Jewelry Trends Winter 2014 ~ Pendants that Make a Statement

Large bib necklaces are still incredibly trendy for winter 2014, but another kind of statement necklace has creeped up in jewelry trends this season - the pendant statement necklace. From sleek and modern to bold and opulent, pendant statement necklaces are a must-have necklace trend for fall/ winter 2013-2014. They're great for adding a little extra something to a look without wearing a huge bib necklace. A flashy statement necklace is perfect over a cocktail dress, but for a more casual look, a bold pendant necklace is best. I love to pair mine with a plain white tee and my favorite black blazer.

Pictured above (from left to right): Stella Dot charm pendant  //  Kate spade jewelry  //  Bauble Bar Gemstone jewelry

My favorite version of the trend is the Gatsby-inspired tassle necklace, thanks to the stylish 2013 remake of the film. Also newly trendy among pendant necklaces (in keeping with the Gatsby-inspired style) is the art deco trend - including emerald cut and teardrop settings with shimmering diamond accents.

Featured above (left to right):  Ben Amun pearl tassle necklace  //  Lulu Frost Solar pendant necklace  //  KENNETH JAY LANE Vintage Collection Deco Tear Drop Pave pendant necklace 

Downton Abbey Collection Gold Pave Crystal Bell Drop Necklace

Pop culture has produced yet another beautiful trend when it comes to pendant necklaces. When the BBC hit Downton Abbey reached its second season, the characters took us into the 1920s, and with that came beautiful vintage-inspired trends like Victorian pendants with antique brass and filigree settings. Many jewelry designers feature Downton Abbey costume jewelry, and you can even shop the Dowton Abbey Jewelry collection on One of my favorite designers when it comes to vintage-inspired is 1928 Jewelry. You can shop 1920s vintage inspired necklaces in their Downton Abbey Jewelry Collection. Anything from this jewelry collection would be a welcome Christmas gift for a girlfriend or wife who likes vintage fashion.

Lucky Brand Green Set Stone Pendant Necklace

My personal favorite in statement pendant necklace is a boho statement necklace. Often smaller and more
casual, a global-inspired pendant is the most versatile. A boho pendant necklace looks great with both casual and dressy attire and looks in place during both summer and winter. It's the chamelion of statement necklace; pair it with a cocktail dress, and it looks sophisticated, pair it with a tee and blazer with boots, and it gets a major cool-girl vibe.

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